With over 200 resumes received per position, and up to ten new positions created per store each Christmas period, LUSH relies on the Scout Talent:Recruit system to pick out the best of the bunch quickly and efficiently. In this video, the LUSH team discusses their recruitment challenges as a fast-growing retail organisation, and how Scout Talent helps them overcome these challenges. “Scout has been a game changer for us” More Info
Tweed Council shares how Scout Talent streamlines their recruitment process, keeping candidates informed to give them a great first experience, reducing their printing, and more. “We had a wishlist, Scout Talent was able to meet all our essential requirements! The system has the user in mind, and that’s so essential in recruitment.” “Scout Talent was able to meet all our essential requirements!” More Info
With major events happening at the Adelaide Oval on a weekly basis, it is important that they don’t waste time and “just make things happen”. With Scout Talent’s software, hiring managers have the autonomy to run their own recruitment campaigns, without requiring extensive involvement from the HR department. They also love the live chat feature which allows them to get support in real time and avoid delays. “With Scout Talent We Get Support in Real Time” More Info
During the busiest times of the year in hospitality, Trippas White Group, a leader in the industry, managing a diverse portfolio of iconic restaurants, cafés and event spaces across Australia, relies on Scout Talent to find the best people. With over 20,000 candidates applying for jobs with TWG every year, their team uses Scout Talent to cut through the volumes and identify the best candidates quicker. “People are at the heart of what we do” More Info
KINNECT, the #1 privately owned occupational health company and one of the Top 20 Best Places to Work in Australia, considers Scout Talent to be an integral part of their strategy. In this video Kevin Conlon, their CEO and Managing Director talks about his long-term relationship with Scout Talent. “At Scout Talent we feel supported” More Info
Jeff Burns, Group Manager of Human Resources for Australia’s largest supplier of sustainable civil construction materials, tells how the Scout Talent system allows him to not only manage large numbers of applicants, but to also develop valuable candidate talent pools for the future. “Talent pooling is easy with Scout” More Info
When their previous candidate management software was no longer meeting their needs, Rodney Faulkner, Specialist Learning Services, embarked on a thorough review of a variety of recruitment systems available on the market. Watch this video for his reasons why “Scout came ahead in every category”, and for Pacific Aluminium’s experience with Scout Talent:Recruit so far, as told by HR Officer Jessica Cameron. “Scout came ahead in every category” More Info

Qenos & Scout Talent from Employment Office Group on Vimeo.

Qenos, Australia’s exclusive manufacturer of polyethylene, improved their time to hire by over 35% through Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), adding $2.5 million to their bottom line in a matter of weeks. At Scout Talent we’re proud to have delivered those results through this partnership. “We’ve been very fortunate with Scout Talent Group and we’re very happy with our current outsource model. All round for Qenos managers, hiring managers and our recruitment, it’s really improved our processes.” – Rosanna Hammond, General Manager Human Resources, Qenos More Info

Cumberland Council & Employment Office from Employment Office Group on Vimeo.

The team at Cumberland Council shares how Scout Talent enables them to streamline their hiring process and find the best candidates who are the right fit. “It makes your job as an employer so much easier” More Info
Pensar started out in a spare bedroom and has grown into a multi-million dollar construction group. CEO, Karl Yunker, says it comes down to attracting and nurturing the best people. Watch his story and hear why, for Pensar, Scout Talent is “more than just a tech solution”. “We wanted the very best people” More Info