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Fundamentals of AI for Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Professionals

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Imagine a world where time consuming repetitive tasks are automated, leaving you the space to focus on what you do best – connecting with top talent. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can make a monumental difference.

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5 Tactics to Avoid Common Recruitment Mistakes

5 Tactics to Avoid Common Recruitment Mistakes

5 Tactics to Avoid Common Recruitment Mistakes. This essential resource, created by Scout Talent in collaboration with MyHR, will give you practical advice on how to make recruitment smoother, and prevent you HR Headaches down the line.

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How to choose your ideal recruitment tech stack

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Recruiting without the help of recruitment tech is almost unthinkable! With new software popping up almost every day, you and your internal recruitment team might feel lost and overwhelmed by choosing the right software. Use this unbiased guide to choose the right software for your organisation. 

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Shortlisting your talent pool and selecting the right candidate

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Tired of reading resumes and time-consuming screening processes? This step-by-step guide will give you the knowledge you need to quickly identify top candidates in your talent pool and make confident hiring decisions.

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Onboarding checklist

Creating a strong onboarding process is key to retaining talent.

Retaining team members is key to success in the current talent climate. With a strong onboarding process, you can support new hires and boost your retention rates. Build your onboarding process from the ground up with our checklist that ensures you exchange all necessary information with your new hires, right away.

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Talent acquisition email templates

A good candidate experience is a good brand experience.

A great employer brand results in less time and money spent advertising your vacancies. The easiest way to improve your employer brand is by ensuring that applicants to your roles have a great experience from start to finish, whether they’re successful in their application or not. Make sure that candidates at every stage of the process are kept informed with Scout Talent’s free email templates.

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