What is the Scout Talent Marketplace?

The Scout Talent Marketplace is a broad range of service and software integrations that extend Scout Talent’s functionality and complement user activity. Making our users’ jobs easier allows them to focus on hiring the best talent! Many of our apps are integrated to work seamlessly with Scout Talent software through automatic updates. 

The Scout Talent Marketplace gives organisations the ability to recruit more effectively, supplement their existing HR function, and find software partners to complement their existing software suite. The Scout Talent Marketplace offers users (internal recruitment teams, HR Managers, hiring managers and business leaders) the opportunity to choose from and utilise an array of software and services according to their needs, and be supported by our specialist teams.

Apply now to have your product or service featured in the Scout Talent Marketplace.

Partnership Levels

Please note: all partnership applications are reviewed and undergo an approval process by our partnership team. To find out more, get in touch here.

Integration Partner

A seamless partnership between your product or service and Scout Talent. Your brand and product will be part of the Scout Talent Marketplace, available and visible to more than 5000+ monthly users (internal recruitment teams, HR Managers, hiring managers and business leaders).

Referral Partner

When we receive an enquiry about your product, we prequalify the query and send it directly to your team to complete the sale. We care for our large client base and actively promote all options available to them in the Scout Talent Marketplace.

Affiliate Partner

Our sales team are the best of the best. As an affiliate partner, our sales team are trained to sell your products and services. Your brand will be promoted in our regular Strategic Partnership Reviews, where we set mutual goals and track progress with each of our clients.

White Label Partner

Our exclusive white label partnerships are the highest level of partnership available. We have a limited number of white label partnerships available. For more information, get in touch by completing our online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions



1. What are the benefits of becoming a partner with Scout Talent? 

Being part of the Scout Talent Marketplace allows your product to be shared with our expanding database of more than 5000+ monthly users (internal recruitment teams, HR Managers, hiring managers and business leaders). Our dedicated development team will ensure a seamless partnership and you can trust your brand will be well represented by our team of professional recruitment specialists. 


2. How do I become a partner with Scout Talent?

Becoming a member of the Scout Talent Marketplace has never been easier. Complete our online application form and our Partnership Team will contact you as soon as possible. 


3. How do I get help as an existing Partner with Scout Talent?

For all technical support queries, contact us hereFor all Partnership queries, contact us here.  


4. What does a successful Partnership with Scout Talent look like? 

Your success is just as important to us as our own. A great partnership means that your customer base is actively growing through Scout Talent referrals and sales, and our mutual clients are happy with their products, services and functionality. 


5. Is the Scout Talent Partnership Program Global?

Yes, the Scout Talent Partnership Program is global. We partner with providers from around the world who can give localised services to your organisation; additionally. we have offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland and Vancouver to help facilitate your partnerships. 


6. How will I know if my partnership application has been approved? 

We pride ourselves on our communication with our partners and clients. Our Partnerships department ensures that you’re kept up to date with your application as much as possible. If you are wanting to find out at what stage your application is at you can contact us here on 1300 366 573. 


Can’t find the answer to your question? 

No problem. Get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to help. Contact us here or phone us on +61 7 3330 2595.