On The Road To 21.1km
Andrea Davey
Chief Executive Officer
Keen Yachtie
Tudor Marsden-Huggins
Managing Director
Ambassador of Joy
Susanne Mather
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Call Me Captain
Gregory Hall
Group CFO
Health-Conscious Caffeine Addict
Robbie Kim
Senior Accountant
Ihab Bou Hassan
Project/Account Lead
Husband, Father, Man of Science
Eduardo Ramos
Senior Developer & Back End Team Lead
Avid Manchester United Supporter
Daniel Tomasic
Senior Developer & Front End Team Lead
Chess Master
Jo Nguyen
Front End Developer
Middle-Aged Man in Lycra
Joseph Buttigieg
Senior Account Executive
Movie Lover
Sacha Price
Sales Team Leader
Sporting Fanatic
Jay Pery
Sales Team Leader
Aspiring Guitarist
Bradley Freeman
Senior Account Executive
Travel Enthusiast
Tina Rooke
Senior Account Executive
Turtle Trainer
Craig Contencin
Senior Account Executive
Tattoo Collector
Dylan Rostron
Account Executive
Brett Adnams
Account Executive
Shiba Dad
Jake Kelly-Grubb
Account Executive
Avid Sunscreen Latherer
Terahk Clements
Account Executive
Proud Aunty
Katie Eichmann
Global Marketing Team Leader
Mountain Biking Fan
Corey Salmon
Healthy Workplaces Charity Leader
Avid Book Re-Reader
Helen Dwyer
Research Analyst
Lover of Food, Wine, and Travel
Corinne Glass
Head of Talent Acquisition Operations
Potterhead and Gifting Connoisseur
Shenelka Fernando
Talent Engagement Specialist