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With over 200 resumes received per position, and up to ten new positions created per store each Christmas period, LUSH relies on the Scout Talent :Recruit system to pick out the best of the bunch quickly and efficiently. In this video, the LUSH team discusses their recruitment challenges as a fast-growing retail organisation, and how Scout Talent helps them overcome these challenges. “Scout has been a game changer for us”

How Lush fills up to ten new positions per store with :Recruit

Here’s what Lush used:

Lush utilised Scout Talent :Recruit to identify top talent swiftly and efficiently, fundamentally transforming their hiring approach.

Scout Talent :Recruit helped Lush to sift through the avalanche of applications to cherry-pick the most suitable candidates swiftly and effectively.

:Recruit allows you to:

Easily post jobs
Create a seamless candidate experience
Communicate with the click of a button
Build your workflow, your way
Screen applications
Connect with more candidates

With the help of :Recruit, Lush revolutionised their recruitment procedures, with the affirmation, “Scout has been a game changer for us”. This transformational change facilitated the smooth and efficient selection of like-minded professionals, cultivating a familial ambiance in their workplace.

Managing such volume, especially with traditional paper CVs, can be overwhelming. However, with a focus on ethical practices and people-centric processes, Lush found that Scout Talent :Recruit greatly streamlined their operations and offered a highly professional candidate experience.