Redefining top skills for the workplace of the future
Posted 15 September, 2021

The future of work has arrived, ushered in ahead of schedule by a global pandemic. As a result, we’ve seen an accelerated move towards flexibility, and a greater desire for meaning. While these changes present challenges, they also offer an opportunity for the workforce of the future to find a sense of renewed freedom and purpose. We’ve all heard that technology is paramount, that culture eats strategy for breakfast and that both hard and soft skills matter – but what are these skills, and how can recruitment professionals identify and foster them?

Complete the form below to watch the discussion and hear special guest speaker Dr Angus Hervey, Political Economist for Future Crunch, explore how 18 months of workplace disruption impacted the recruitment industry, and how technological disruption continues to redefine what really matters for the workplace of the future. Joining Dr Hervey are Robert Watson, Partner Manager for ELMO Software, and Andrea Davey, CEO of Scout Talent. 

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to help your clients and customers adapt to a world of changing work patterns. Help your organisation to drive innovative ways of working in the 21st century.

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