How to expand your shortlisting process for amazing results
Posted 18 August, 2021

Attracting applicants to your role is an important part of any talent acquisition process, but it’s only half of the journey. With candidates in the driver’s seat, the finer details of your shortlisting process make the difference between hiring the best talent or losing them to another organisation.

Many recruitment and talent acquisition professionals are curious about which parts of their shortlisting and selection processes work well, and which parts leave room for improvement. However, they often struggle to find time to optimise their shortlisting offering, and this leaves them asking themselves, “How can I improve my shortlisting process without sacrificing candidate quality?”.

Watch the webinar below to gain confidence in your shortlisting process and optimise your candidate attraction and retention techniques. Scout Talent’s Head of Talent Acquisition Services, Aurelio Tedesco-Gueli, shares his insight on what candidates look for throughout their application experience, and how you can take your organisation’s shortlisting process to the next level to get the best results.

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Learn to expand your shortlisting process

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