New SEEK Enhanced Solutions available from within :Recruit
2 minutes | Posted 09 November, 2021

In November, Scout Talent software users will gain access to the new SEEK Job Posting and SEEK Optimised Apply features from within the :Recruit tool. The enhanced solutions integrate SEEK more seamlessly with Scout Talent software, allowing users to post, track, and report on job opportunities more easily, and adjust recruitment campaigns based on real-time data. If you want to enjoy a streamlined talent acquisition process, learn more about these SEEK Enhanced Solutions below. 

Increase speed and reach with SEEK’s Job Posting integration 

The SEEK Job Posting integration enables users to craft targeted job advertisements and post them to SEEK from within :Recruit. Doing so helps you to reach the right people, empowered by optimised targeting, real-time data insights, and enhanced screening capabilities. This kind of integration between our talent acquisition software and a leading job board in Australia and New Zealand ultimately saves you time and brings all your most important vacancy data into one place. 

Improve the candidate experience with SEEK Optimised Apply 

A good candidate experience is vital to successful recruitment and a strong employer brand, particularly in the current candidate market. Regular application status updates make up a large part of this experience as candidates feel seen, heard, and respected. With this integration, applications made through SEEK’s Apply Form appear in your :Recruit tool. This makes effective candidate management easier than ever. 

What’s in a great integration? 

Do you have big goals for growth in the near future? You’ll need to be able to attract, hire, and retain talented new team members in a scalable way. A dynamic recruitment CRM helps your internal recruitment team to move through the talent acquisition process quickly and easily. Moreover, your team upholds your employer brand by providing a good candidate experience throughout. Integrations like these help your team to manage job advertisements and applications with ease, saving you time and reducing double handling along the way. Ultimately, a sophisticated talent acquisition process adds value to your organisation, particularly during periods of growth. 

Our SEEK integration before the update 

If you’ve been using the SEEK integration with :Recruit, you probably post job ads like this: 

Old SEEK integration with :Recruit talent acquisition software

Enjoy the new SEEK Enhanced Solutions 

Once the new SEEK Enhanced Solutions go live, this is what to expect from the job posting process within :Recruit… 

How to get started with the new SEEK Enhanced Solutions 

Are you a new Scout Talent customer? Complete the steps below to connect SEEK and your Scout Talent software tool. Confirm with your dedicated SEEK Account Manager or SEEK Customer Service team:

  • Your SEEK Account ID(s)
  • The SEEK solution(s) you wish to access
  • The go-live date

If you’re an existing Scout Talent customer with a SEEK integration in place, get in touch with your Account Executive or Client Success Specialist to enable the new integrations for your :Recruit tool. You can email us at or call us on ​​+61 7 3330 2595 to connect with your specialist.