Resilience and agility at work

The Oranges Toolkit builds mental and emotional agility through seriously refreshing workplace wellbeing and resilience training programs. They partner with organisations that recognise that investing in effective employee wellbeing programs makes good business sense. When employees feel at their best, they are more engaged, productive and collaborative. As Camp Quality’s social enterprise, 100% of their profits go towards supporting kids facing cancer in Australia.

The Oranges Toolkit workplace wellbeing programs are based on a unique framework that applies the latest academic research from renowned scientific fields like positive psychology and neuroscience across seven segments of holistic wellbeing. These seven segments form the acronym of ORANGES:

  • Optimism
  • Resilience
  • Attitude (Mindset)
  • Now (Mindfulness)
  • Gratitude
  • Energy, and
  • Strengths.

The Oranges Toolkit’s dynamic in-person and virtual training programs are designed to stimulate adult learning and knowledge retention. They focus on positive action and behaviour change – always offering evidence-informed practical tools that can be used immediately to boost performance.

In a recent satisfaction and impact survey, 90% of program participants surveyed rated The Oranges Toolkit services as high quality or very high quality and 86% agree they gained tools and/or skills to build their wellbeing and/or resilience. Of those people who gained tools and skills, 70% use the tools daily or weekly, with a further 22% using the tools monthly.

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The Oranges Toolkit in action: