Australia’s first intelligent jobs marketplace connecting employers with skilled, available women looking for flexible work.

Freelancing Gems’ platform speeds up recruitment efforts for employers, using machine learning to match talent to job listings immediately. Their purpose is to close the gap on gender inequalities with their intelligent jobs marketplace by increasing workforce participation rates and pay equity for women.

Freelancers list their talent profiles on the Talent Board and search for available jobs via the Jobs Board. Freelancing Gems’ machine learning matching model immediately connects freelancers with your job listings based not only on the basic role requirements, but also on cultural fit. When matched, freelancers can submit applications for the role, then it’s over to you to screen and choose your perfect fit.

Freelancing Gems is suitable for any contract, part-time, temporary or project-based role.

How does Freelancing Gems work with Scout Talent?

After creating a job in :Recruit, you can post to Freelancing Gems’ jobs board to access top quality talent and support your work diversity efforts. Posting to Freelancing Gems will connect you with skilled women looking for flexible work.

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Freelancing Gems in action: