Australia’s leading rostering, attendance and award interpretation software

Tanda is a Brisbane-based company that builds market-leading workforce management and wage compliance software. Founded in 2012, thousands of businesses use Tanda to digitally manage their onboarding, rostering, and time and attendance in different industries nationwide.

Easily onboard staff, and take advantage of Tanda’s built-in Award interpretation and digital time clocks to accurately record time and attendance, before exporting the correct wage straight to payroll.

How does Tanda fit with :Recruit and Scout Talent?

Finding talent is one of the largest challenges business face. Whilst Tanda helps you manage your people when at work, finding and recruiting them is another story. Having a seamless flow from recruitment and role acceptance through to creation of employee in Tanda and payroll limits risk, affords efficiency, and gives new employees a seamless onboarding experience.

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Tanda in action: