3 Unexpected Ways Your Organisation Can Benefit From a Learning Management System
3 minutes | Posted 12 December, 2023

Learning management systems (LMS) are often associated with mandatory compliance training and dry online courses. This association couldn’t be any further from the truth. A great LMS is your secret weapon to employee retention, identifying hidden talent, and reduced training costs.

While compliance training is certainly important, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of an LMS. Let’s dive into 3 unexpected ways your organisation can benefit with a modern LMS:

1. Employee Satisfaction and Retention

By providing employees with relevant up-to-date training, an LMS can help your people develop the skills and knowledge they need, leading to increased productivity and performance. Imagine having personalised learning paths that align to an individual’s interests and career goals. You can even implement microlearning modules that fit into busy schedules of workers who might otherwise have too much on to consider further training. This empowers employees, fosters a sense of growth, and builds loyalty that goes beyond just a paycheck. When employees feel confident in their abilities, you see better outcomes. Make sure to celebrate their progress along the way. Every win, no matter how small, strengthens job satisfaction and improves retention for your organisation.

The LinkedIn 2023 Workplace Learning Report states, “Providing learning opportunities is the no.1 way organisations are working to improve retention.” In short, people who aren’t learning will leave. 

With 235 content providers and over 89,000 courses, Scout Learning is an established LMS trusted by many businesses. Scout Learning provides these learning opportunities for your employees and in return improves employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Post Scout Learning implementation Danila Dilba Health Service reduced turnover by 14%.

2. Identify Hidden Talent

A good LMS collects a wealth of data, but it’s not just about test scores and completion rates. It tracks learning patterns, engagement levels, and even course preferences, painting a detailed picture of individual strengths and interests. This goes beyond identifying top performers; it reveals hidden potential in those who may not shine in traditional settings.

Imagine an employee who struggles to identify their growth goals in your organisation, but devours online modules on complex topics. An LMS can spot these discrepancies and prompt further exploration, revealing hidden depths of knowledge, curiosity, and potential. You can tap into the data your LMS provides to assist you with workforce planning. Making sure you’re moulding your people into the skilled workers your organisation needs to meet your overall business goals. This allows you to develop skills your people will need in the future, as well help you with succession planning. 

A 2022 study by the Center for Talent Learning (CTL), found that organisations using data-driven insights from their LMS to identify and develop high-potential employees saw a 27% increase in leadership pipeline promotions within two years.

3. Reduced training costs

GOC Care is a fantastic example of how you can improve your training process, while also saving your organisation money.  

As a not-for-profit, GOC Care were looking for a cost-effective solution to offer quality training in a convenient way to their team members. They needed consistency and oversight, and to ensure all their people could undertake adequate training. 

Scout Learning proved to be a simple way for GOC Care to provide all of their necessary training on the one platform. Without the costs associated with in-person training providers. Scout Learning enabled GOC Care to reduce their training expenses by 50%.

By showcasing its commitment to employee growth and fostering a dynamic learning environment, GOC Care’s Scout Learning LMS helped them to also attract the best talent who have a passion for ongoing learning and development.

By showing commitment to employee growth and fostering a dynamic learning environment, you too can reduce training costs and attract top talent. 

Beyond Expectations

An LMS is no longer just a compliance tool. It’s a strategic investment in your people, your clients, and your future. By embracing its full potential, you can unlock hidden strengths, build a culture of learning and innovation, and watch your business soar beyond expectations.

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