How to Cut Your Time to Hire in Half featuring Spark Hire
Posted 04 May, 2023

In a survey of 1,100+ HR and talent acquisition professionals conducted by Spark Hire, 84% of respondents stated that time to hire is a KPI they are actively trying to improve. Organisations are feeling the pressure to improve the speed to hire as they’re missing out on top talent more often and seeing their costs compounding.

Join Spark Hire and Scout Talent as we discuss how employers are navigating complex hiring challenges to get candidates from application to offer in half the time without sacrificing quality.

Watch our on-demand webinar now to learn:

  •  Common challenges hiring teams have to overcome in 2023
  • Actionable strategies to improve the speed to hire without sacrificing quality
  • Must-have HR Tech
  • And more!

Video: How to cut your time to hire in half

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