How to build and maintain a strong talent pipeline
Posted 29 June, 2022

Modern recruiters facing the current talent shortage can no longer be reactive and manage vacancies as they come up.

Instead, we must plan proactively and build a talent pipeline to ensure our organizations can meet their goals for growth.

The problem? Nearly 80% of recruitment teams are unhappy with how their talent pipelines perform.

Join Scout Talent’s Head of Talent Acquisition Services, Aurelio Tedesco, on Wednesday 29 June at 12:00 pm AEST for his tips on how to build and maintain a strong talent pipeline. You will learn:

  • How to effectively plan your recruitment activity well in advance (and why you should);
  • How to attract candidates into your talent pipeline and create a large pool of potential hires;
  • Which data points you should collect from candidates to segment your talent pool effectively; and,
  • Ideas for content creation to keep your talent pool engaged (without having to be an expert content creator).

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Get to know your host, Aurelio Tedesco, Head of Talent Acquisition Services

Aurelio brings over 6 years of experience in high-volume recruitment both internally and externally within organizations. His time with larger organizations has given him a deep understanding of how to build talent pipelines across multiple sites and business units, and how recruitment at the strategic level can be improved and enhanced to provide value to an organization and its people.

Aurelio has a passion for helping and working with people and prides himself on a holistic skillset, with experience running anything from high level-recruitment and selection processes for CEOs and Board Directors, to bulk Group Assessment screening for nurses, production workers and heavy machine operators.

His passion for best-practice recruitment has seen him work across many industries including private health working on large multi-site teams, alongside organizations in the manufacturing, finance, legal and community services industries.

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