Upgrades coming soon to :Recruit’s reporting suite
2 minutes | Posted 10 October, 2023

Updates to :Recruit’s reporting suite are coming soon. These updates will simplify the way you gather, view, and share data, to support you in making data driven recruitment decisions. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the improvements you can expect to see over the coming weeks.

Improved Visual Reports & System Reports

Within :Recruits reporting suite, visual reports and system reports will soon have a new look and improved functionality. The enhancements will ensure a more intuitive experience, making it easier to find the data and reports you’re looking for. Functionality around viewing and sharing data has also been improved, with the ability to visualise the data in software. Instead of sending a report to your email to download, you will now be able to immediately generate and visualise the report all within :Recruit, with the ability to export the data if required.

New: Report Builder

In addition to the improvements to Visual Reports and System Reports, the new Report Builder will soon be available for client’s to turn on. Here is what you can expect from this powerful new reporting tool.

Custom Reports Tailored to Your Needs

Building your report has never been easier. The process is highly customizable, allowing you to handpick the fields you want to include as columns in your report. These fields can be sourced from various aspects of your recruitment process, including jobs, candidates, applications, approval forms, events, interviews, and smart forms. You also have the ability to tailor the report to a specific date range or entity.

Preview and Access

Once you’ve crafted your report, you are able to view a preview of the data and make tweaks to the fields and filters if required. From there, you have the ability to save the report for ease of reference in future. All reports can be exported, allowing you to share data with key stakeholders as required.

The exciting updates to Recruit’s reporting suite will make it easier for you to access important data that will inform your recruitment decisions. Whether you’re tracking time to hire, applicant sources, or user activity, the improved reporting suite provides the insights you need to optimise your recruitment strategies.

The updates to Visual Reports and System Reports will happen automatically for all clients on :Recruit and :Recruit Essentials in the coming weeks. No action is required for these changes to take effect. If you are interested in switching on the new Report Builder feature, please contact your Account Executive today.