The Talent Scout Episode 10: Some good news!
3 minutes | Posted 25 April, 2020

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This week we are taking a bit of a break from discussing how to adapt to and overcome COVID-19 and it’s fallout. Instead, today’s post is going to talk a little bit about some of the good things that employers across the globe are doing for their employees and for people in general.

Good news examples

The first example is employers shipping desks and laptop monitors to employees’ homes. This has been done by either using a shipping company or in the case of smaller companies, just a manager filling their car with equipment and driving to an employee’s home. Very few of us office staff need a desk and multiple monitors to do our jobs, we can all function on a laptop if we have to but everyone knows having those extra resources makes working a little bit more comfortable,Scout Talent’s Guide to a Pandemic especially at times when we’re having to do it with a little less comfort.

For those of us still working, our online presence has experienced huge growth. Suddenly face to face meetings over Skype, Zoom, or hangout are becoming a lot more common. Yes, most of the meetings are still functional, but I’ve heard stories and experienced these meetings being used as a touchpoint to talk to other people. Some companies are even scheduling a Friday 5 o’clock Happy Hour over Zoom so that their isolated employees have an excuse to talk casually to one another.

On a more practical element, there are countless stories of organisations shifting gears, and producing products that can help us combat the virus. There are distilleries that usually make gin and vodka that is now producing hand sanitiser for people who need it. Across the globe, there are stories of factories changing what they usually manufacture and instead, producing masks and ventilators and everything that our healthcare workers need to lead us through this pandemic.

As most of us are, the team here at Scout Talent is working remotely. The majority of the team is working from their homes, a place where they are not used to working. To try to combat any issues that might arise from this, our marketing team put together a guide that contains a lot of useful information relating to managing your physical and mental health and also tips for setting up your home workspace and keeping your productivity high while working from home. We are also running simple things like Wednesday morning yoga classes to try to keep our team feeling connected. They are free to do and we have found them to be very helpful. That guide can be found here:


Local grocery stores are doing what they can to help protect their employees. They’ve provided all of their staff with protective masks and assembled sneeze guards that protect cashiers while they’re assisting customers with getting their groceries. Some entertainment companies and utility companies are freezing payment plans and providing their services for free. Right now, that’s a lifeline for so many people. This act of compassion trumping the desire for profits is not something any of these companies have done before. It’s making a difference, it’s helping us all get through this, little by little.

There are of course stories of layoffs. But combined with this, some employers are working with their now former employees to assist them in availing of government resources that can help pay for food or cover their rent. It’s not much, but it’s still more than plenty of others are doing.

You may notice that we have not named anyone is this article, that’s intentional. Everything they’ve done for their people so far, while wonderful, should be the norm.

There will come a time when you’re sitting in an interview across from a candidate that you really want to join your organisation and they will ask you, what you did for the people in your care during the Corona Virus panic. What will you say? Will you make excuses about how money was tight?

Every day we’re presented with tough decisions. If you have the power to make someone else’s life a little bit better, then go for it. It’s always the right decision to make.

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