3 ways Services-enabled Software will help your organisation grow
4 minutes | Posted 25 February, 2020

Do you share our belief that recruitment success lies at the intersection between people and technology? Technology alone won’t solve your recruitment problems or achieve your recruitment goals. You need human expertise to secure the best recruitment strategies, which is why Services-enabled Software will help your organisation grow.  

If you’re like many hiring managers and recruitment professionals we know, you don’t have a lot of time to spend learning new software, getting your team up to speed and ensuring all your users are making full use of your software’s capabilities. Not to mention, your recruitment needs may fluctuate; there may be times you need an extra set of hands on deck and other times when you need to reduce your expenditure.

Services-enabled Software is the best way to solve these challenges.

What is Services-enabled Software (SeS)?

Most HR and recruitment technology providers deliver your software, wish you luck and send you on your way. They give you a bit of training and tech support and leave you to fend for yourself.

Think about a basic gym membership without the bells and whistles, where you’re left to DIY. An example of this type of software is Microsoft Office Suite – you purchase the software, and don’t receive any other service or support, aside from some troubleshooting, reporting and updates.

Software providers that sell software only is what’s defined as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), where a provider’s core business is delivering software for you to run independently.

(Read more about the difference between Services-enabled Software (SeS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)).

On the other hand, with Services-enabled Software (SeS) providers, the services they offer underpins their software.

In continuing with the gym membership analogy, think about having a gym membership where you receive support from an experienced personal trainer. They’ll teach you how to use the equipment effectively and get the results you’re seeking sooner, based on your unique goals.

If that piques your interest, here are three ways SeS will help your organisation grow.

1. SeS helps you get the most out of your software

Like those personal trainers, SeS providers offer services to strengthen and support their software so you get the most out of your system.

At Scout Talent, being an SeS provider allows us to deliver the best outcomes for our users. Instead of simply buying a tool, our users partner with us maximise the use of their system and fill in their recruitment gaps when their teams need additional expertise.

At Scout Talent, our users receive access to services in a number of ways, through access to:

  • a dedicated Account Manager – an experienced user of the system to do the heavy lifting to get you up and running and make recommendations based on your organisation’s unique needs
  • Tech Support Specialists – to optimise, fix and repair your system and provide solutions when you need it
  • Recruitment Specialists –from recruitment advertising and shortlisting, to employer branding, we have a range of specialists on hand, so you can supplement your existing team whenever you’re under the pump.

2. Recruitment is human: SeS puts people at the forefront

No matter what technology advancements we experience in our lifetime, one thing’s for sure: recruitment will always be human. Success lies at the intersection between people and technology.

On this note, the future of recruitment will see recruitment functions becoming more and more specialised. Is your organisation and team prepared to make the move from generalised to specialist recruitment roles?

The thing is, if you implement a recruitment tech product and need help, for example, attracting more candidates, or interviewing candidates, you can’t usually phone your software company to ask for help.

But with Scout Talent, you can. SeS puts people at the forefront, which is what we always strive to achieve.

3. Use your software, don’t let it use you: SeS is tailored to suit your needs

There are lots of software products out there that force you to change your processes to use it. For example – you may have to complete a requisition before you can advertise a job, or you have to use pre-set candidate status lists. This makes onboarding and the change management associated with implementing new software a lot harder.

Our tech (and our support services) are flexible and malleable. Rather than having to change your process to suit your tech, when you implement a Scout Talent product, our team will configure the product to suit your process.

We empower you to use our software and services to suit your needs, instead of forcing you to make compromises or squeeze into a box.

Why choose an SeS recruitment provider?

There’s no doubt SeS recruitment providers give you a competitive edge.

To demonstrate the best reasons to choose an SeS recruitment provider, here’s how Scout Talent delivers value to our clients:

  • We know and love recruitment – we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years
  • We aren’t trying to be experts in all things – we don’t spread ourselves thin like an HRIS, or dilute our expertise across other areas such as HR and payroll
  • We support you in peaks and troughs – don’t waste resources and keep your team lean by tapping into recruitment specialist services when things get busy
  • We don’t require lock-ins – only use recruitment specialist services when you need it
  • We offer specialists in all areas of recruitment – gain reliable expertise, on demand, from specialists who can act as an extension of your team.

 Technology alone won’t solve your recruitment problems, which is why you need human expertise to secure the best recruitment strategies. The freedom and flexibility from Services-enabled Software makes it a superior choice when it comes to recruitment tech. Gain the tech support you need to get the most out of your software and recruitment specialist support when you need to supplement your existing team. 

Find out more about our suite of recruitment software products here. For more information, get in touch with the Scout Talent team on 07 3330 2595 or at info@scouttalent.com.au.