Product update: The year ahead for Scout Talent
3 minutes | Posted 23 June, 2020

Our Product Manager James shares the strategic plan for Scout Talent product development for the coming financial year, including improved infrastructure, speed and service integrations.

Being in the product management and software development space, taking the time to sit down, think about opportunities and plan delivery (roadmaps, yearly plans etc.) is such a welcome experience. For me, it ticks a lot of boxes, giving me clarity and reassurance by aligning with an overarching strategy. It’s funny because many clients share that understanding these plans gives them the same feelings of clarity and reassurance, as they can see how Scout Talent’s plans and ideas align with their own organisation’s goals.

For the year ahead, we have some really great things in the works that we’re champing at the bit to kick off and deliver. Some of these things are cool features and functionality, while others will be in the background (thankless tasks that are just plain best practice!). I have to say, I get excited about them all.

This year –as I do each year upon reflection– I’m taking a renewed commitment to roadmap discipline, learning from mistakes and determining the best ways to maximise client and candidate experience and deliver the best product possible. This involves shoring up processes and removing barriers so people can use Scout Talent software more easily.

So, in the year ahead, we’re going to be working on:

  • Infrastructure and speed improvements – we have a great opportunity for higher availability systems and faster page rendering, along with improved redundancy and stability of our systems.
  • Addressing the core of the product – we’re going to tighten up and resolve functionality issues, and revisit and modernise the flow. (It doesn’t make sense for us to pave the way for new and exciting features without ensuring existing features are robust, relevant and easy to use.)
  • New features – we’re implementing staged User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) changes to modernise and de-clutter the interface using data-driven decision making to put all the features that people need in easy reach. (There are probably too many new features to list here, so stay tuned in future updates as we roll these out.)
  • Services, integrations and product marketplace – we’re going to extend the scope of our marketplace for people to truly realise an open platform offering.

The team and I are feeling positive, motivated and excited to deliver this new work under a shared direction and roadmap. Working collectively towards a common goal gives us greater direction and focus.

We’re working with the talented developers at NetEngine to help us bring this digital vision to life. In case you aren’t familiar with NetEngine, this software development organisation sits under Scout Talent Group. (Does your organisation have an idea for a digital product or innovation? If so, and you’re looking to get some help with your idea, feel free to reach out to me here.)

James Keele


James Keele is the Product Manager for Scout Talent. He has a background in IT and Software Product Management specialising in the B2B space for the past 3+ years. James’ role is to manage Scout Talent’s product roadmap and software development, aligning them with the overall Scout Talent strategic vision. He is passionate about user experience, automation and the creative process of development.



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