New “Save Application” feature encourages more applications per vacancy
< 1 minute | Posted 24 August, 2022

We recently released a new feature in :Recruit that allows candidates to save their applications mid-completion prior to submitting them.

This new feature is designed to increase the number of applications you receive per vacancy by allowing candidates to start applying for a role and save their responses until they’re ready to submit. This gives candidates the option to finish their application at a time that suits them, rather than abandon it completely. Whether they’re short on time, on the go, or don’t have all the information they need at hand, they’re now empowered to submit their application when they’re ready, and contribute to your talent pool.

The release of this feature changes the way that you view applications in :Recruit, so we’ve put together a short video to help our users understand it and make the most out of its functionality.

Learn more about the Save Application feature

While the Save Application has been enabled for all clients, you do have the option to turn it off if you prefer. If this is the case, simply reach out to your Account Executive or call our head office on +61 7 3330 2555.

If you’d like to understand the Save Application feature better, reach out to your Account Executive who will arrange a one-on-one session alongside a member of our Client Success Team to support you.