How Councils around Australia are solving their training challenges
2 minutes | Posted 31 October, 2019

Faced with nationwide reform agendas and resource scarcity, local government as a whole has a number of workforce development issues, including addressing critical skills shortage issues. Factors like an ageing workforce and changing technologies can also impact government workforce planning.

As talent leaders, there is a cost-effective way to provide your people with professional development and training. Professional development is a great way to upskill your workforce, increase engagement and improve retention.

While face-to-face learning experiences are certainly valuable, only sending your team members to courses or engaging consultants for training can be costly, time-consuming and inconsistent. Online learning adds another layer of richness to employee engagement and experience.

The right Learning Management System is an affordable way to give your people access to an abundance of training for them to complete at their own pace or in your required timeframes.

Benefits of eLearning

According to an Australian Local Government Workforce and Employment Survey, the benefits of eLearning include:

  • Being able to offer personalised learning experience, enabling learners to choose content and tools that are appropriate to their learning needs, skill levels and interests and skill levels
  • Enabling individuals the flexibility to balance their work, family and study commitments
  • Reducing the time an employee spends away from their job as the delivery time of most online courses is typically shorter
  • Giving learners the ability to access and download content at their own convenience due to the portability of mobile technologies
  • Reducing the costs that may be associated with traditional learning, including fuel, fares, childcare and accommodation
  • Providing employees with effective onboarding and continuous learning opportunities
  • Reducing turnover and retaining great talent through fostering employee loyalty via training opportunities.

eLearning Solutions

The best eLearning solutions deliver access to comprehensive, cost-effective and high-quality training for your employees. You can also access, deliver and manage training from a central location without needing to use multiple software or providers.

Allow your team members to work through course content at their own pace and revisit material if they need to. Reduce your overall administration time and costs by coordinating training with the click of a button. Reporting also enables you to track the progress of employees’ training.

Use eLearning to gain peace of mind knowing that your team are up to date on compliance.

Enquire about an eLearning solution to meet your organisation’s needs.