Guide: What HR teams and recruiters need to know about cyber security
< 1 minute | Posted 17 November, 2020

Guide: What HR teams and recruiters need to know about cyber security

What HR Teams & Recruiters Need to Know About Cyber-Security

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In this digital age, our lives and businesses are connected and online. We’re all exposed to risks associated with cyberattacks, data breaches and even innocent mistakes. HR and recruitment teams may not appreciate the important role they play in effective cyber security, at least, not until something goes wrong. A data breach that exposes candidate or employee information is likely to result in financial and reputational loss. But, no matter your industry, whether you’re a multinational organisation or a small-to-medium enterprise, your organisation collects, stores, processes and transmits data. The majority of that data is sensitive and valuable!
The goal of cyber security is to manage the risks associated with the intentional or accidental destruction, modification or disclosure of your (or your organisation’s) information and information systems. Cyber security can be applied in various ways, from administrative controls, physical security, user education and training, and technical controls.
Cyber security refers to the people, processes and technology that protect information from intentional or accidental destruction, modification or disclosure.
Perfect or total security is impossible; so the goal is to use these various cyber security techniques to reduce your organisation’s risk to an acceptable level.  Not only does the proper application of cyber security help to protect your organisation’s information assets, it also helps your organisation meet its compliance, insurance and legal requirements.