When should you use group interviews?
2 minutes | Posted 29 April, 2018

While most recruiters are aware of the benefits of group interviews, many are still unsure of when such a strategy is appropriate. Below are 2 situations in which a group recruitment process should at least be considered:

1. When you have a large number of positions to fill in a short amount of time

Whether you’re recruiting staff for a new project or have to fill dozens of Christmas casual roles, it is likely that you will be required to make the hires in a relatively short amount of time, or even by a set deadline. Group interviews allow you to assess a large number of candidates at once, making it the ideal recruitment method when hiring in bulk.

Scout Talent’s Shortlisting team is often enlisted to run Group Assessment Days for clients who have a requirement to fill many positions over Christmas, or are opening a new branch or store.

2. When it’s imperative your new hire/s are the right behavioural fit

Group interviews and assessment days allow you to observe candidates as you they work through various tasks and activities, allowing you to get a good sense of many soft skills, such as teamwork, communications skills, and leadership skills.

Group assessment days run by Scout Talent are designed with your desired skills in mind. For example, when recruiting for a Community Support Worker role, a highly desirable trait is patience, which is much easier to assess while observing group activities than at a one-to-one interview.

If the above scenarios are relevant to your organisation, you should strongly consider trialling a group interview strategy. The Scout Talent:Recruit system provides you with a multitude of tools which allow you to efficiently plan and organise your very own group interview.

Interested in running a group interview but don’t have the resources to do it yourself? Scout Talent can plan and organise a group assessment day for you – all you need to do is show up on the day! Watch this short video to get a better idea of what our Group Assessment Days look like, and for some feedback from our clients and candidates.