Delegate these 4 recruitment tasks to your front-line leaders
3 minutes | Posted 13 September, 2019

Recruitment is a challenging and time-consuming task regardless of the size of your organisation. Whether you are currently bulk hiring seasonal employees, recruiting for a single or senior role, sometimes the best decision you can make is delegating tasks to your front-line leaders. 

But what can you delegate? Here are four recruitment tasks you can assign to your front-line leaders.

Recruitment Advertising

When going to market to attract candidates, you need to get your initial recruitment advertisement right. You also need to understand your target candidates suited to your role, where they’ll be looking and the most likely way they’ll discover your role. 

For example, when hiring for seasonal casuals in stores, you may find that candidates are most likely to discover your roles when visiting your store. This is the perfect opportunity to delegate a task to a store manager.

Send a basic, bullet point list of the job requirements to your store managers for them to convert to a recruitment advertisement and promote in their store. That way, your store managers can identify themselves as a point of contact for candidates’ who have questions before they apply. 

With the right Candidate Management System (CMS), you can create  template for your store managers to populate when you advertise new opportunities. These templates are simply, quick and take minutes to advertise, enabling you and your store managers to fill single or multiple vacancies with ease. 

Screening, Shortlisting and Selection

One of the biggest challenges you may face is the sheer amount of applications. Having a great employer brand can attract hundreds of applicants and this is a major blessing; however, finding the best from the pool can be time consuming. 

If you receive 200 applications and only need to make five hires, how can you narrow down your talent pool efficiently?

Delegate this task to your front-line leaders. A strong CMS will enable them to quickly rate and rank applications in a central location, leaving you to only spend time reviewing the top-rated applicants. 

An added bonus of having a CMS is that candidate care becomes easy through automated responses and giving you the ability to bulk email candidates by their status. 

When a candidate doesn’t make the cut, your front-line managers can send a bulk email that is tailored to your organisation’s employer brand. You can even invite candidates to join your talent community to keep them engaged and aware of other opportunities you have in the future. 


When you have several new hires to make in numerous store locations, sending out job offers and manually personalised contracts for candidates to accept and sign can be incredibly time consuming. This part of the process can easily be delegated to your front-line managers using onboarding software

With the right technology, you and your line managers can ensure all the contracts and letters of offer are legally compliant and upload contracts, offers and other documents that can be auto-filled. Your successful candidates will receive their letters of offer which they can digitally accept, and a contract that is personalised to them which they can digitally sign. 

Not only will onboarding software improve your candidates overall experience when accepting their new job offer, it will streamline your onboarding process, eliminate your paper trail and securely store your candidate’s important data for when you need it.

Training your new hires

Training is something that can definitely be delegated to your store managers and assistant managers. Most new hires will be trained kinaesthetically, getting stuck into store processes and learning the systems first hand or through shadowing. However, there are certain areas that require additional training for compliance; for example, manual handling and stockroom management.

Provide your team members with access to a wide range of corporate training through eLearning software. Give your line managers choice to decide which courses are most relevant for their new team member. They can then keep track of deadlines and timeframes for their training to be completed and ensure that their store remains compliant. You can also upload your own training content through a learning management system that is tailored to your needs.

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