Why best-of-breed technology trumps HRIS
3 minutes | Posted 16 June, 2019

It’s crucial for you to have the best technology to store your employee and client information, as well as advertise jobs and shortlist candidates. Why? The latest research demonstrates that having a quality candidate management system makes a huge difference to the quality of talent you’re able to hire. In turn, your talent directly impacts how well your organisation performs overall.

Let’s look at the two different types of systems: there are best-of-breed (BoB) and there are human resources information systems (HRIS) or human resources management systems (HRMS).

A best-of-breed (BoB) system is the best system in its niche category. It’s an advanced platform that provides specialised features for a particular application. Some organisations believe it’s difficult to excel in every niche, which is why they purchase software from different vendors to build the best enterprise via integrated applications.  

In comparison, a human resources information system (HRIS) combines a number of applications to manage all human resources, administer organisational processes and collect data. Essentially, it’s a software suite that links components across an organisation using one central data hub. Smaller businesses tend to benefit from HRIS, as one centralised system accommodates all simple functions such as payroll and timesheets, searches, learning, loading jobs and capturing candidates. However, there are major disadvantages to be wary of.

The disadvantages of HRIS

HRIS can lead your organisation into a technological dead-end if the system is not using current technology. Databases and programs can quickly become out of date and ineffective. The system can also lack specialised features and functionality in certain applications. Maintenance and updates effect the entire system, which can interrupt access. Updates with bugs cause more headaches!

All this creates further pain and frustration in the recruitment process. It can increase time to hire, which ultimately increases costs.

Having the right tools to do the job is essential and this begins with superior technology. That’s why best-of-breed candidate management systems are the best choice.

The advantages of best-of-breed

Best-of-breed systems are specially designed to meet specific needs. BoB systems have unique features and can even pioneer those features in terms of user-friendliness and functionality.

Specialised functions in BoB systems provide more options and solutions and they’re more adaptive to other technologies. BoB systems can be integrated with other systems, which many organisations choose to do.

They are easy to update (without impacting other parts of the organisation), and they can easily respond to market changes. Maintenance and updates only impact one system at one time, which means your whole organisation isn’t held at ransom by technology.  It also means that you won’t need to arrange planned updates, because they can run in the background without impacting daily business. Put your mind at ease knowing you can perform the important tasks you’re meant to do, using a system that supports you (at the same time reducing time to hire and recruitment costs!).

Here at Scout Talent, we have created a BoB Recruitment Software system, an amazing platform you can use to track your entire recruitment process, from requesting approval to hire, advertising (integrating with job platforms like SEEK & Indeed), accepting applications, vetting and ranking to shortlisting, interviewing, onboarding and inducting.  One of our key development principals is to have a system that saves time! Which is why our :Recruit software encourages Users to set up jobs with questions that will assist with automatic weighing, rating and ranking; you even set up ‘knock out questions’ to remove undesirable applications.

When it comes to recruitment, we understand that the software you use is critical in efficient shortlisting and creating a positive candidate experience. Time to hire can mean the difference between netting quality talent or not filling a role. Or even worse… filling your role with the wrong person.


The costs can be high in recruitment and everyone has heard of a horror story where things have gone wrong.  But what can go right, is having the best software to complete the process in a timely manner with quality talent.

Best-of-breed recruitment software systems are designed for this specific purpose and facilitate the best experience for both users and candidates. As well as enabling you to custom build the best platform for your business through integration, a best-of-breed recruitment system will positively impact your organisation’s most powerful tool – your talent.