Slashed time-to-hire


Additional revenue created in 6 months


Savings in hiring managers’ time

A lengthy time to hire

Qenos was facing a number of major recruitment challenges, primarily due to an ageing workforce, with predictions that 50% would turnover within 5-10 years, leaving critical knowledge and skills gaps. They needed succession planning and a proactive approach to securing the right talent.

  • They needed clarity around their employer brand, and wanted to increase gender diversity
  • Their advertisements achieved low views and application rates
  • Their average time to hire was 130 days
  • There was a lack of communication between hiring managers and candidates
  • They lacked the right recruitment technology and needed specialist support and expertise.

Talent pooling and employer branding

Qenos partnered with Scout Talent to implement the right recruitment technology and expertise to strengthen their processes. We conducted a comprehensive employer branding project to define their Employee Value Proposition and used Scout Talent: Engage software to strategically build talent pools.

Our Employer Branding Specialists designed a recruitment marketing content plan, and launched a strategy for actively engaging with Qenos’ talent pools to promote their employer brand, increase applications and reduce their reliance on external advertising.

Recruitment software and expertise

Qenos received a Recruitment Business Partner (implant) to supplement their existing team and establish strong recruitment processes. Qenos:

  • Implemented active and passive recruitment advertising strategies using inclusive language to attract the best talent available
  • Used recruitment technology to streamline their processes
  • Executed a great candidate care strategy to strengthen their employer brand
  • Established consistent recruitment timeframes, communicated in advance with hiring managers, ensuring a high level of reliability and transparency throughout the process.

A 35% reduced time to hire

Since implementing these solutions, Qenos has managed to reduce their time to hire by 35% (47 days). As a result of critical positions being filled faster, they have generated an additional estimated $2.5m in revenue in six months.

Now, Qenos consistently achieve a high volume of recruitment advertisement views across roles. The quantity of applications they receive  has increased by 94%, and they see overall better quality of applications.

Their hiring managers express a higher level of satisfaction, spending 42% less time on recruitment. By taking a proactive approach by building a strong, engaged talent pool, they’ve reduced their reliance on recruitment advertising, and are seeing increased brand engagement on social media (LinkedIn).



Client Feedback

“Our whole time to hire has reduced significantly. Our Scout Talent Recruitment Business Partner provides us with a lot of knowledge and expertise in recruitment. All around, for Qenos managers, hiring managers and our recruitment team, it’s improved our processes. We’ve been very fortunate with Scout Talent.”

Rosanna Hammond, General Manager for HR