Why choose Scout Talent?

Candidate services delivery by recruitment specialists.

If you’ve recently entered the talent market and are looking for a new opportunity, our experienced Recruitment Specialists will give you the best chance at winning your ideal role. 

Our personality testing and reporting services will help you identify your strengths, create a personal development plan and target the right opportunities. Our resume and LinkedIn profile assistance, and recorded video resumes and interviews showcase your key skills and give you a competitive edge. 

With extensive recruitment experience across a wide range of industries, our Shortlisting Specialists have a deep understanding of what top employers look for in candidate applications, giving you the insights you need to put your best foot forward.

McQuaig Self-Development Survey

Have you ever wondered what strengths make you ideally suited to a role? Self-awareness is the foundation for high levels of performance. Successful people understand how to make the best use of their talents and avoid the pitfalls that can limit their achievement.

Used globally and backed by decades of research and experienced, McQuaig Surveys enable you to create a strategic personal development plan. Undertake this survey to obtain a self-development report which outlines: where you fall on each of the four primary personality scales, the key strengths and developmental areas associated with your personality, and action items for each. Use the action item checklist and worksheet to define a strategy to reach your goals sooner.

Resume and LinkedIn profile assistance

Demonstrate your skills in the best light and stand out from your competitors. As experienced recruiters, our Specialists assess your resume and LinkedIn profile with you, providing a list of suggestions for you to implement.

Video Resume / Practice Interview

While the previous services are highly recommended, a video resume or practice interview take your application to the next level. Choose between the following:

Practice Interview (popular!)

Our Specialists conduct a practice video interview with you, providing you with feedback to help you identify areas for improvement, and a video recording of the interview for you to replay in your own time.

Video Resume

Wow employers and make your job application stand out with a personalised video resume. Our Specialists record a video resume with you, asking interview-style questions and delivering the recording for you to attach to your future job applications.

Transform your recruitment process. Attract and secure top talent.

Package 1 - $135 + GST

McQuaig Self-Development Survey

Package 2 - $285 + GST

McQuaig Self-Development Survey, and

Resume and LinkedIn profile assistance

Package 3 - $485 + GST
  • McQuaig Self-Development Survey 
  • Resume and LinkedIn profile assistance 
  • Video Resume / Practice Interview. 

Our Talent Community

At Employment Office, we advertise hundreds of roles for employers across Australia and beyond. In obtaining candidate services with us, you’re invited to join our longstanding talent community to be notified of new opportunities relevant to your skillset.