4 hours

Reduced hiring managers shortlisting time


Reduced printing paper (per year)


Increase in applications (due to screening question review)

The challenge

Central Coast Council needed to move from paper-based recruitment to a more streamlined process. The Council was challenged by:
Slow and inconvenient paper-based recruitment process

  1. Time-consuming candidate care practices, manually responding to all candidates
  2. Lengthy time to recruit, frustrating hiring managers
  3. Inconsistent shortlisting process
  4. Excessive resources spent on manually printing and handling applications.

The Solution

Through a partnership with Central Coast Council, Scout Talent delivered the following:

  • Consistent, one-best-way recruitment practices
  • Best-of-breed Candidate Management System (CMS), Scout Talent: Recruit, to move from paper-based recruitment to a technology solution
  • Screening questions to assist hiring managers with shortlisting process
  • Active engagement with interested potential candidates through job alerts
  • Recruitment expertise and support from specialist team.

The Results

Since implementing Scout Talent: Recruit, Central Coast Council has achieved the following:

  • Increased convenience for hiring managers (time savings of 4hours per campaign)
  • Environmental benefits from significant reduction in printing (13 800 pieces of paper saved per year)
  • 57% increase in application due to review of application screening questions
  • Increased quantity and quality of applications
  • Reduced time to hire and cost per hire
  • Reduced advertising spend and increased engagement with interested potential candidates through job alerts
  • Peace of mind, from the ability to store candidate information securely
  • Consistent shortlisting and recruitment best practices
  • Reporting capabilities to demonstrate results
  • Reduced time and resources.

Client Feedback

“Many Councils use Scout Talent, and we are one of the largest. It has helped us significantly reduce our paper usage. It’s very innovative and user-friendly – from both a candidate and administrative perspective. Our hiring managers love it! They can shortlist anytime, anywhere. It gives us a lot of flexibility, enables us to work collaboratively and saves us time.

We appreciate having access to the Scout Talent support team. If we ever need to improve our advertising or recruitment processes, they are there to offer assistance and recommendations.

Unlike other systems, it’s ideal that candidates don’t need to create a login to submit an application, as it’s easier for us to convert interest into applications. We also receive a lot of applications by sending automated weekly job alerts to potential candidates. In fact, this is one of our main sources of candidates! We are seeing an increase in quality candidates and are appointing excellent new hires.”

Lyn Dell, Talent Acquisition Lead Specialist