End of Year Savings

Start a recruitment campaign before December 22, 2023, get $685 worth of free advertising, plus a 12 month subscription to the lite version of our ATS, and a free 2 week campaign extension


There are just 3 working weeks remaining in the calendar year. This presents a window of opportunity to launch your next recruitment campaign and set the stage for a successful 2024.

To help you step into the new year with the best team and right systems, Scout Talent is bringing you a special, time sensitive offer:
When you start a recruitment campaign before December 22, here is what you get:
  • $685 worth of free advertising (includes a free ad on SEEK, CareerOne and ApplyNow)
  • 2 week campaign extension to ensure your vacancy gets the visibility it needs over the holiday period
  • 12 month subscription to the lite version of our ATS (:Essentials). With :Essentials, you’re not just filling a vacancy; you’re receiving access to a world-leading ATS and recruitment CRM, and building a talent pipeline to tap into in future.

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Advertising vacancies before the holidays begin might seem counterintuitive but, before you dismiss the idea, consider this:

Imagine entering the new year with the right team in place, and a new tool to streamline your processes, simply because you chose to act now.

If you start a recruitment campaign before December 22, here is what you’ll get:

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Job analysis call.

This call allows our Specialists to deeply understand your organisation, position, benefits and ideal candidate.
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Talent landing page.

Our specialists use your organisation’s branding and engaging messaging that makes your opportunity shine.
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Tailored advertising.

Our specialists target the best talent through strategic advertising campaigns, targeted copy, and ongoing campaign optimisation.
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Screening questions.

By asking the right questions, the workload to shortlist your talent pool is reduced.
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12 month subscription to our easy-to-use recruitment software.

With all candidate information stored in one secure location, it is easy for your team to collaborate on the hiring process.
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Access your talent pool.

You’ll be able to access your entire talent pool, allowing you to make multiple hires at once, or keep top candidates engaged for future opportunities with your organisation.

Case Study: Marine Rescue NSW

With no probation period and the safety of NSW boaters at the forefront of their mind, Marine Rescue NSW needed the perfect candidate who could hit the ground running. Through Scout Talent, they managed to gain insight from their talent pool that allowed them to pick the ideal candidate. Superintendent Darren Schott, said, “The rating system that [Scout Talent] uses, helped me go through all those candidates and try to pick the right person.”

Why choose Scout Talent over other talent acquisition offerings?

Client Feedback

G2 reviews AU Fall 2023

“When it comes to delivering an exceptional experience, it all comes down to the people. And Scout Talent helps us to find those people.”

David Murrie, General Manager Human Resources
Trippas White Group


“Scout Talent and Fitzroy Island Resort is a match made in heaven. The second that I engaged with them, I knew that they were going to be the right fit for our business.”

Victoria Philips, HR Coordinator
Fitzroy Island Resort

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Terms and Conditions

Eligible campaigns must be purchased and deployed before 22 December 2023 to qualify for the offer. This offer is applicable to any full price gold & platinum recruitment campaigns only, and does not apply to any reduced-cost bulk recruitment arrangements.