Maximise L&D effectiveness with off-the-shelf content solutions
Posted 27 July, 2022

L&D has become central to helping organizations adapt to change and future-proof their workforces.

Consequently, many HR professionals have a big task ahead of them to create an effective L&D strategy that helps them meet their needs for things like upskilling teams, retaining staff, improving DE&I, and advancing leadership skills.

In a 30-minute theoretical case study, Scout Learning Team Leader, Holly Itzstein, will show you how to build effective learning pathways from off-the-shelf content solutions.

We’ll help you get started with:

  • Leveraging an extensive content library to bridge skills gaps.
  • Combining custom content and ready-made courses to meet your needs.
  • Building an effective L&D strategy that aligns with your organization’s goals.

Gain insights into learning and development best practices

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Get to know your host, Holly Itzstein, Scout Learning Team Leader

Holly is Scout Talent’s Learning Team Leader, delivering a range of Learning and Development services and expertise to our diverse clientele whilst driving strategic growth for the Scout Learning department.

With tertiary qualifications in Psychology and Human Resource Management, Holly found her true passion in working with people through Human Resources. In particular, Holly leverages her experience and education to provide personalized, engaging and outcomes-focused learning. After pivoting into learning and development, Holly has seen the impact of great learning on both employees and businesses.

Now, Holly works with a broad range of organizations to create professional development solutions that deliver tangible skills growth for working professionals without compromising on engagement and curiosity.

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