Leadership for the future: Gaining biological insights for better leadership, productivity and motivation
Posted 28 January, 2021

Great leadership hinges on self-awareness and a greater understanding of individuals, specifically those in your charge.

Some individuals are best led by being challenged; others perform their best with more preparation and long-term planning. Some leaders prefer having high-efficiency interactions and a more autonomous team; others relish opportunities to engage with the people and professionals they work with.

Do you want to gain deeper biological and psychometric insights into your team (and yourself!) to become a more effective leader? 

It’s possible to know precisely how individuals will respond to different leadership styles based on their biological makeup. This lens allows you, as a leader, to enhance your understanding of your team and yourself, and create a culture of understanding that leads to greater productivity and motivation.

In this webinar, our CEO Andrea Davey is joined by Dr Cam McDonald, lead consultant for Shae Wellness, the world’s leading corporate wellness platform, to discuss:

  • the latest insights on epigenetics and behaviour
  • how to use these insights better understand individuals’ innate, preferred communication styles
  • the best strategies for dispute resolution
  • self-development for leaders and teams
  • understanding individuals’ ability to lead or follow.

No matter your organisation’s industry, size or location, making an ongoing commitment to having a good employee engagement strategy is the best way to reach your long-term goals.