How to tell if your employees are engaged – and what to do if they aren’t
Posted 26 August, 2020

Employee engagement done well delivers some remarkable benefits. Engaged employees care for and feel a sense of ownership about their organisation. This could mean proactively going the extra mile, nurturing side projects, raising innovative ideas and promoting new initiatives; or it could simply be making a positive impact on your culture or customer satisfaction.

Are your current team members as engaged, motivated and productive as they could be? Whether the answer is “yes”, “no” or “I’m not sure”, our team members share the best ways to understand your current levels of engagement and real strategies you can use to increase engagement in your workforce.

You’ll hear from our Recruitment Technology Leader, Steve Winter, along with special guests:

  • Clare Garrity, Employer Branding Specialist
  • Natasha Scott, Learning Services Specialist
  • Katie Redhead, Corporate Wellness Event Leader.

You will learn: 

  • The best ways to measure employee engagement and listen to your employee voice
  • How to engage your employees through training and development
  • Using corporate wellness initiatives to boost engagement.

No matter your organisation’s industry, size or location, making an ongoing commitment to having a good employee engagement strategy is the best way to reach your long-term goals.

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