Employment Law: Managing risk and uncertainty
Posted 28 October, 2020

Managing people in this current climate has brought unexpected challenges and new legal risks. This is particularly true in the employment law arena, as workplace disruption continues to impact the world of work. Recently, General Protections and Unfair Dismissal cases have tested companies and employers on:

  • their processes for stand-downs and employment terminations
  • the genuineness of their redundancies
  • performance management (especially with work-from-home set ups).

Back by popular demand, Jonathan Mamaril, Director for NB Lawyers – Lawyers for Employers, shares simple solutions to help you navigate employment law, bolstered by real case studies and examples.

Jonathan provides his clients and contracts with practical tips and valuable advice through education. Ultimately, his firm helps clients to face challenges with fewer headaches and bypass them where possible. Jonathan, and by extension, NB Lawyers, help organisations to mitigate risk, reduce liability, and overcome challenges as they arise so that they do not become larger and more litigious.

Learn more about employment law and the newest challenges brought on by the global pandemic in the webinar below. You can also view a range of Scout Talent webinars that might be useful to you in working towards your talent acquisition goals.

Webinar: Employment Law, Managing Risk and Uncertainty

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