Employer branding in recruitment: your powerful tool for the Great Resignation wave
Posted 22 November, 2021

Eighteen months of workplace disruption have led the global workforce to reconsider its priorities. Now, the Great Resignation wave is sweeping the globe as millions leave their jobs to pursue new adventures. A good salary is no longer enough to win candidates over from your competitors. A key component to set your organisation apart is its employer brand. That is, what does your organisation offer its team, other than just a salary? What makes your organisation special? And, how should you communicate this to attract more applications? The answers to these questions, and more, lie in Scout Talent’s upcoming webinar series, ‘Employer Branding in recruitment: Your most powerful tool for the Great Resignation’. 

A 3-part webinar series:

In three succinct parts, two of Scout Talent’s leading Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing gurus, Cherise Swanson and Kaileigh Hannah will discuss:

  • The value of strong employer branding in recruitment and how to craft your message;
  • How to amplify your employer brand to attract and retain talent; and
  • Employer branding in action: demonstrating the impact of a transformed employer brand with a great client story.

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