Email templates to help you manage candidate communications during difficult times

Download these free email templates to manage your organisation’s recruitment and communications with candidates.

What’s included in the free download?

Notifying candidates recruitment is on hold

Use this template if you’ve implemented a recruitment freeze, to keep candidates warm and let them know you’ll be in touch again when you’re back up and running.

Online video interviews

Use this template if your recruitment process has changed and you’re using video interviews to prioritise the healthy and safety of your team members and candidates. It provides interview information for candidates, including when the interview is scheduled, what to expect and how to prepare.

Growing talent pools

Use this email template when you’re running recruitment campaigns to grow your talent pool and prepare for when recruitment resumes. It tells candidates you’ll notify them of upcoming opportunities, how you’ll engage with them in the future, and encourages them to share a sign up link with others.

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