Our Recruitment Marketing Specialists tailor your marketing campaign to maximise candidate attraction.

We execute and promote your advertisements to reach the best talent for your role and organisation.
  • Strategic advertising campaigns
  • Succinct and targeted copy
  • Ongoing campaign optimisation.

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Our experienced Recruitment Advertising Specialists help you reach top talent and convert interest into applications. 

Our proven recruitment campaign strategy is delivered in two phases.

Effective copywriting

Our experienced specialists tailor your recruitment advertisements to maximise talent attraction and reach the best talent available.

Tailored campaigns

Our knowledgeable specialists design effective recruitment marketing to target the right applicants through the right channels, from job boards to social and other media.

Ready to reach top talent?

Recruitment Campaigns for you

Our in-house recruitment marketing and advertising specialists design and execute powerful recruitment campaigns.

Strategic and Comprehensive Advertising

Approximately 70% of the talent market are not actively looking or applying for new roles! Therefore you need a strong strategy and different targeting methods to ensure you reach the best talent available.

Active and Passive Advertising Channels

It’s important you have a presence on both active and passive channels to maximise visibility and return on investment. Our knowledgeable specialists tailor your recruitment campaign according to your needs, optimised for job board algorithms, key words and prime locations, categories and timing.

Social Media.

Our team develop targeted campaigns across Instagram, Facebook and Facebook’s advertising network using different demographics and parameters to reach your ideal target audience.


A unique product available only to Scout Talent clients, eShot provide access to one of the most extensive jobseeker databases in Australia. Our targeted eShots are only sent to candidates who are relevant to your role and industry.

Digital HeadHunter

Our Specialists dive into passive candidate pools through a detailed and targeted database search.

Ongoing Campaign Optimisation

Unlike typical recruitment agencies, our Recruitment Advertising Specialists continuously monitor and report on the performance of your recruitment advertisement ensuring that it’s consistently reaching your target candidates.

Why Choose Us

We help you select the right campaign options for your opportunity and budget

Our specialists in candidate attraction develop a thorough advertising strategy tailored to your specific vacancy. Achieve the perfect balance between passive and active candidates through external advertising channels and our own extensive candidate community.

Our recruitment copywriting expertise brings your opportunity to life, positioning it perfectly to attract the right applications.

Your professional, branded vacancy web page promotes and positions your opportunity and your organisation to candidates in a unique way, ensuring you stand out from competitors.

Role-specific screening questions make it easy to compare ‘apples with apples’ and quickly identify the best, most committed candidates.

Our experienced team handles all applicant enquiries and feedback on your behalf, ensuring exceptional candidate care and saving you time.

Our cutting-edge candidate management system and our fully transparent process gives you 100% visibility to candidates and campaigns, and as much insight and involvement as you choose.