Top 3 Features to Help You Hire Top Talent in 2024
4 minutes | Posted 01 February, 2024

In this month’s product update, our priority continues to be on what truly matters: your success in talent acquisition and recruitment. As HR and Talent Acquisition professionals, we know you’re always looking for ways to efficiently attract and hire the best talent, so having the right tools available is nothing short of critical.

Our focus has always been to turn innovative ideas into tangible tools within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that effectively support your recruitment process.

Let’s dive into 3 key features and enhancements that aim to make your job easier than ever.

1. AI Suite: AI-powered Talent Acquisition

92% of HR leaders are planning to leverage AI in their talent acquisition. Are you? We’re helping HR leaders achieve their goals by making our best-of-breed software even better for you with AI Suite, Scout Talent’s AI-powered solution. AI Suite is an additional feature now available in :Recruit, helping talent acquisition professionals find the best talent faster than ever before. With :Recruit and AI Suite, talent acquisition activities instantly become more productive, as simple automations allow you to attract and screen candidates faster, and keep top talent engaged. With your hiring workflow streamlined, you’re free to build and maintain relationships with your ever growing pool of candidates. 

This leading HR Recruitment Software supercharges the expert knowledge of recruitment professionals, so it only takes minutes to:

  • Craft engaging job advertisements
  • Generate informative interview questions
  • Distill countless hours of resume screening
  • And so much more…
Benefits enjoyed by AI Suite clients:

Matt UY - Viva Retirement Communities AI Suite Testimonials

St Vincent de Paul Society Testimonial

Guiding you through AI Suite, and ensuring a seamless experience is Felix, your AI-powered recruitment specialist. Felix ensures the process is quick, intuitive, and tailored to your specific needs.

Want to see it in action firsthand? Join our Live AI Suite Demo series with our recruitment specialists as they walk you through our AI Suite platform (consisting of AI Studio and AI Screen) and show you how they use AI to supercharge their recruitment process.

Invitation AI Studio Live demo

Can’t wait? Reach out to your Sales Account Executive today for a quick 15-minute demo to see how AI Suite can support your recruitment goals.

2. Data Visualisation: Learn Through Your Own Data

What is it

Data Visualisation (soon to be renamed to Visual Reports) is a reporting function that enables you to transform static data into dynamic and customisable visual representations. This feature is currently included and available within your :Recruit software, accessible through your software administrator. 


It’s not just about seeing data; it’s about gaining valuable insights. Imagine having the power to… 

  • Analyse applicant quality per job ad, 
  • Strategically invest in job boards for optimal ROI, 
  • Visually track key metrics like time to hire,
  • And so much more.

This offers you a dynamic representation of your recruitment journey and you can customise your reports by entity, date range, user, or job title for a personalised and insightful hiring experience. 

Experience it Now

Discover the capabilities of this tool for yourself. Click below to view a brief video and learn how to watch your data come alive!


If you are interested in a live demo, please reach out to

In the coming months, you’ll continue to notice a few changes within your :Recruit software: 

  • Data Visualisation’ will be renamed to ‘Visual Reports’ 
  • Downloadable and Viewable Reports‘ will be referred to as ‘System Reports

3. Integration, Simplified: Zapier at Your Service

What is Zapier

This year, make automation a priority. You can now share data in :Recruit with other applications, using Zapier.  Zapier is a handy tool that helps you connect different platforms and automate tasks without needing any coding skills. It makes it easier to move data and perform actions between your favourite apps and software.

How You Can Use Zapier 

You can use Zapier to connect your :Recruit software with your onboarding module to automate and simplify your onboarding process., For example, a number of clients have connected :Recruit with MyHR. In this case, the information transfer occurs when an applicant’s status shifts from ‘offered role‘ to ‘offer accepted,’ securely transmitting specific data points to your onboarding software and streamlining the overall onboarding process. Always ensure you verify product compatibility before initiating the integration. If you are already subscribed to :Onboard, Scout Talent’s onboarding module, you already benefit from a pre-existing, smooth integration seamlessly embedded into both platforms, providing you with this convenient option.

Explore the simplicity of integration and elevate your connectivity: 

Fortifying Security: Beyond the Surface

And of course, underlying all these updates is a secure base. Security considerations are the heartbeat of our operations. We’ve implemented Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), upgraded our database infrastructure, and consistently maintain our ISO 20071 certification. While you focus on your talent acquisition goals, we work tirelessly in the background, ensuring that your data is secure and fortified against any cyber threats.

What’s Next

We continuously enhance our platform based on your valuable feedback. We appreciate your input, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with any suggestions or ideas. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to shape the future of our product.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy recruiting!