Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Scout Talent software over HRIS?

HRIS can lead your organisation into a technological dead-end if the system is not using current technology. Databases and programs can quickly become out of date and ineffective. The system can also lack specialised features and functionality in certain applications. Maintenance and updates affect the entire system, which can interrupt access. Updates with bugs cause more headaches! All this creates further pain and frustration in the recruitment process. It can increase time to hire, which ultimately increases costs.

Having the right tools to do the job is essential and this begins with superior best-of-breed technology. Recruitment is a critical strategic function, not an add-on. Our systems are built specifically to streamline your recruitment process, drive best practice in talent acquisition and invigorate your employer brand. They’re not bolt-ons to HRIS or payroll systems, which so often force you to compromise. Scout Talent’s solutions meet the specific needs of in-house recruitment teams and your hiring managers.

What is best-in-breed software?

A best-of-breed (BoB) system is the best system in its specialist category. It’s an advanced platform that provides specialised features for a particular application. Some organisations believe it’s difficult for a software provider to excel in every niche, which is why they purchase software from different vendors to build the best enterprise workflows via integrated applications.

Scout Talent is recruitment software built by recruiters, for recruiters. We know that bringing the right talent into your organisation is a critical strategic priority, and cannot not be compromised on. In comparison, a human resources information system (HRIS) covers all aspects of human resources to administer organisational processes and collect data. Essentially, it’s a software suite that links components across an organisation using one central data hub. However, this can mean compromise in specialist functionality.

What services does Scout Talent offer?

At Scout Talent, our goal is to provide the best recruitment software and services for organisations to attract and hire the best talent. We provide Recruitment Marketing & Advertising services to help you attract and convert top talent; Shortlisting and Selection services to help you find your top candidates faster; Employer Branding services for you to consistently attract and retain top talent; and Employee Engagement Surveys for strategic reviews of your entire workforce to assess engagement levels. We even supply end-to-end recruitment support through Recruitment Process Outsourcing, with specialists supporting or acting as your in-house recruitment team.

For more information, read our service information page. 

Can I customise the software to my specific business requirements?

Of course! Our brilliant in-house development team can work with you to make sure the system suits your day to day recruiting needs. They conduct a customised scoping session, and you will always have a direct line to speak with our product team.

Does project scoping cost anything?

Scout Talent actually offers advice and initial project scoping at no cost to the organisation. Our plan is to give first and provide the best recruitment and technology advice available. If we aren’t the right solution, we will tell you!

How many users can I have?

Scout Talent offers unlimited Hiring Manager users at no cost, and only changes subscription costs based on HR/Admin level users.

How much does Scout Talent cost?

Subscription costs for Scout Talent depend on a range of factors including HR User licenses, possible integrations and modules required. We are entirely transparent with our pricing structure, so please get in touch with our team to arrange a tailored proposal and demonstration.

Will my data be secure with Scout Talent?

Scout Talent takes great pride in how your critical data is stored. Our cloud solution is stored with the highest level of commercial security, and backed up consistently across locations to ensure no loss.

How can I attend a demonstration of the product?

You can request a demo online today with a member of the Scout Talent team. It’s so simple and you can request a demo of the Scout Talent product suite right now!

Please enter your details into the “request a demo” form, and a member of our team will arrange a discovery call (to ensure Scout Talent is right for you), and arrange a tailored demonstration of the requested Scout Talent solutions.

Can I purchase Scout Talent:Recruit online?

As a full recruitment solution, Scout Talent takes pride in guiding you through a tailored process to ensure not only that our solutions are right for your organisation, but also that we deliver the highest level of value. The purchase and implementation processes are quite simple, and will enable you to take your recruitment to the next level!

How can Scout Talent solutions integrate with my other business systems?

Scout Talent connects with best-of-breed and HRIS platforms. Once integration is complete, at the click of a button Scout Talent can send critical candidate information across to your other platforms. Integration is easy! Talk to our friendly team to run you through the process.

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