Attract and retain top talent with a strong employer brand

What will you achieve with an
Employer Branding project?

Uncover your point of difference

  • Learn more about your internal brand perception and areas for growth through employee engagement surveys.
  • Utilise discovery workshops and interviews to capture the scope of your brand identity.

Establish channels and touch points

  • Define touch points where your employer brand and messaging will be conveyed.
  • Create channels where you can communicate your brand to your talent pool.

Articulate your EVP

  • Identify your key organisational pillars and unique attributes.
  • Develop your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) with the support of our employer branding specialists.

Create impactful content

  • Work with our specialists to create high-value social media content.
  • Elevate your website with content that reflects your brand identity.
  • Produce employee profile videos to highlight people within your organisation.

Develop a long-term branding strategy

  • Create organisational goals, including a people strategy and measurable objectives.

Increase staff retention and candidate application rates

  • Measure the success of your project through analysing your job ads channel effectiveness, cost-to-hire, and staff retention rates.

Distinguish your organisation as an employer of choice

How does an Employer Branding project work?

Stage 1: Discovery

Gain an understanding of your audience, what you offer candidates, and how to connect these two for better hiring results.

Stage 2: EVP Messaging

Get to know your Employee Value Proposition and how to best articulate it to your current team and future hires.

Stage 3: Playback

Consolidate the plan and desired outcomes of the project before rolling out your employer brand.

Stage 4: Project Outcomes

Establish a plan for the content and communication of your employer brand, as well as which key channels and touchpoints your audience will interact with your brand through.

Stage 5: Amplification

Broadcast your employer brand with high-value content (such as employee profile stories, careers videos, social media posts, and more) through the channels selected for your organisation’s needs. 

Stage 6: Measurement

Measure the effectiveness of the project through a range of methods, including employee engagement surveys, talent pool reporting, retention rate analysis, and more.

Why invest in an Employer Branding project?

Increase the number of applications from top talent

Organisations with a positive employer brand can almost double the number of applications per vacancy.

Maximise the ROI of your talent acquisition

Organisations with a strong employer brand report reducing cost-per-hire by 50%, and a 28% reduction in staff turnover.

Cultivate a positive organisational culture

When both new hires and existing employees have buy-in to your employer brand, it fosters a sense of trust and belonging, which has been linked to a 56% increase in performance.

Ready to uncover and amplify your employer brand?