An Australian not-for-profit organisation

Junction is a leading provider of a wide range of community support services and quality housing.

Junction operates under the principle that all people have value regardless of their life circumstances. Their goal is to strengthen lives and communities by providing aspirational intentions for all people. The organisation assists over 8,500 South Australians every year, with:

  • 2,200 homes accommodating 4,000 tenants (of these homes, 1,500 are women-led households)
  • 4,500 people accessing 30 different services
  • work across 33 local government areas across South Australia.


Reduced to time to hire


processes from paper-based to digital


HR team reporting processes

The challenge

From The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Homelessness and Domestic Violence, Junction was tasked with implementing significant changes to increase out-of-home services to support children and young people who were placed in residential homes.

To do so, Junction needed to attract a greater number of qualitied and experienced Therapeutic Support Workers and House Supervisors to deliver these services.

Junction needed support to manage the recruitment process required to attract a high volume of candidates, manage the selection process, ensure all onboarding documentation was delivered and conduct ongoing professional development for all their employees.

The Solution

In order to meet the above needs, Junction engaged Employment Office and Scout Talent to conduct five Group Information and Interview Days to attract qualified and experienced Therapeutic Support Workers and House Supervisors over 18 months. For each Group Information and Interview Day, Junction was seeking approximately 10 hires as quickly as possible. Employment Office and Scout Talent were tasked with attracting candidates, rating and ranking, pre-screening interviews, facilitating the Group Information and Interview process and reference checking.

The Results

  1. Across the five Group Information and Interview Centres, Employment Office and Scout Talent produced the following results for Junction:
    • 503 applications
    • 281 candidate phone interviews
    • 159 candidates attended Group Information and Interview Centres
    • 44 hires.

    On average, each Group Information and Interview Day was held in a single day, with an average of 30 attendees per day. The final Group Information and Interview Day resulted in 18 hires in a single day (Junction were hoping for 10 hires, so the organisation was thrilled to be able to offer roles to 18 candidates).

Client Feedback

“Engaging Scout Talent has been really beneficial because it allowed us to focus on service delivery and leave recruitment to the experts. ”“Great results! We have hired exactly the number of people we required.”“It was pleasing to see the process was constantly refined based on experience and our feedback.”