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HR team reporting processes

The challenge: Moving from paper-based to online recruitment

CentacareCQ is a not-for-profit social services organisation and a registered charity, providing professional community services across the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton. With 200+ employees and volunteers throughout Central Queensland, they needed assistance overcoming the following challenges:

  • Their paper-based recruitment processes were ineffective and inconsistent – the team wanted to reduce their reliance on paper and paper trails
  • Specific roles needed to be filled faster – their time to hire was too long
  • Specific roles were difficult to fill due to a niche market, especially for remote locations
  • There were no clear statistics that the HR team could report on.

The solution: An easy-to-use Candidate Management System

CentacareCQ moved from a paper-based recruitment process to services-enabled recruitment software provided by Scout Talent to streamline their processes and improve communications between the Human Resources team and hiring managers.

Scout Talent implemented:

  • A Candidate Management System to easily manage recruitment and hiring, similar to their original processes, but more efficient to meet deadlines and requirements more effectively
  • Education and training for all HR and hiring managers to ensure full utilisation of the system
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) to train employees and meet organisational requirements for legal compliance.

The results: A 50% reduced time to hire

CentacareCQ achieved some incredible results with their new Candidate Management System, Scout Talent :Recruit. CentacareCQ:

  • Reduced their time to hire by 50%
  • Built a more engaged pool of applicants
  • Created a better candidate experience with a more efficient system
  • Facilitated better communication between the HR team and hiring managers
  • Delegated tasks more efficiently.

Client Feedback

“I love the way Scout Talent works. It’s very user friendly. We’re able to develop our own jobs really well and set user permissions so hiring managers only see the jobs that they are responsible for. We’re really happy we can delegate responsibilities so well now.I’ve always valued the support from our account managers. They’re very hands on and we’re always able to contact them directly and receive a fast response.Now, we can track how many applications we receive much more easily and how many times we receive recurring applications from candidates. It’s a really lovely system to use. Before Scout Talent, a lot of our recruitment was paper-based and everyone had their own system. Moving to Scout Talent, we have now established a consistent process and format, and we can access all the information we need when we need it.”

– Aimee Harding, Senior Human Resources Office