Improved eNPS


Increase respect for management


Increase overall employee satisfaction

The goal

Improving talent engagement

BRAMS’ executive leadership team wanted to address concerns about negative workplace behaviour, gain deeper insights and create a healthier workplace culture of safety, respect and positivity.

Due to the sensitive nature of some concerns, they needed to provide employees with an avenue to confidentially share feedback, and gain rich data to guide their strategy.

In improving workplace culture and employee satisfaction, BRAMS’ goal was to better attract, retain and engage high-quality talent, particularly in their local community.

The solution

An anonymous employee survey with targeted questions

BRAMS launched their first Scout Talent employee survey, with a dedicated Survey Specialist highlighting the anonymity and confidentiality of the survey to boost participation rates.

BRAMS obtained the results and communicated these with employees. They created a strategic plan of action, implementing:

  • an organisational restructure to facilitate clear progression pathways
  • new policies and procedures
  • a deeper investigation to address concerns in different departments
  • fair and effective performance reviews
  • a code of conduct workshop & key committees to engage employees.
The Results

A 284% eNPS improvement

After implementing large, organisation-wide changes, BRAMS conducted another employee survey to benchmark results and saw agreement scores surge in all categories.

Among the most impressive improvements, BRAMS achieved a huge eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) increase of 284%, overall employee satisfaction rates increase by 23% and respect for management rates increase by 54%.

According to employee feedback, these positive changes have enhanced public perception of BRAMS, allowing the organisation to attract high-quality talent, locally and beyond.

Client Feedback

“People were sceptical BRAMS could change, but now they see and trust it’s possible. It’s been a journey! When I recommend surveys to other organisations in our network, I tell them it’s okay to receive negative feedback. You’ll be surprised to see it improve over time and the positive difference you can make.” – Cassie Atchison, CEO, BRAMS