HRIS can lead your organisation into a technological dead-end if the system is not using current technology. Databases and programs can quickly become out of date and ineffective. The system can also lack specialised features and functionality in certain applications. Maintenance and updates affect the entire system, which can interrupt access. Updates with bugs cause more headaches! All this creates further pain and frustration in the recruitment process. It can increase time to hire, which ultimately increases costs.

Having the right tools to do the job is essential and this begins with superior best-of-breed technology. Recruitment is a critical strategic function, not an add-on. Our systems are built specifically to streamline your recruitment process, drive best practice in talent acquisition and invigorate your employer brand. They’re not bolt-ons to HRIS or payroll systems, which so often force you to compromise. Scout Talent’s solutions meet the specific needs of in-house recruitment teams and your hiring managers.