Captivate the right talent for your business

Scout Talent: Engage is a powerful tool that allows you to consistently engage with candidates in the talent pool.

Build and nurture talent pools

Search and segment candidates based on skills, experience, location and more. Create custom talent pools using selection criteria to reach the right people with the right message. Tag candidates to highlight skills and experience.

Strengthen your employer brand

Send branded recruitment marketing content to nurture your talent pool and keep them engaged with your employer brand.

Recruit passive candidates

70% of the talent market is not actively looking for roles! :Engage enables you to connect with people who have expressed an interest in joining your organisation.

Designed for organisations that see people first.

This powerful technology enables you to communicate directly with candidates who have expressed an interest in working with your organisation.
Maximise return on investment

Save valuable time, money and resources by reducing time to hire and cost per hire by targeting previous applicants.

Build rapport

Maintain a relationship with applicants who already know, like and trust your organisation

Capture quality candidates

Capture high-quality prospective candidates in one place through our simple candidate sign-up process, and communicate individually or en masse.

Search and segment

Search and segment your talent pool to address immediate hiring needs

Strengthen your employer brand

Enhance your employer brand through strategic recruitment marketing.

Why choose us?

We specialise in you:

Tailored solutions in both software and support services are customised to your needs.

We see the world the way you do:

Over 20 years of specialist recruitment experience Australian owned and based for great talent acquisition

We support you:

Backed up with people and services that ensure you get outcomes not just software.

We make your life easier:

Easy to use innovative recruitment technology systems with specialist recruitment support designed and run by recruiters.


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