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Attract and secure top talent with :Recruit

Advertise in just a few clicks

Publish your recruitment advertisements on multiple job boards simultaneously.

Identify top candidates quickly

Work collaboratively with your team. Assess responses to screening questions to quickly identify your top candidates.

Schedule and manage interviews

Use event scheduling to book interviews and group interview days digitally.

Strengthen your employer brand

We build customer recruitment web pages using your branding to make your employer brand shine. Communicate with your candidates by sending branded communications with the click of a button.

Recruitment software to help you see people first.

Designed by recruitment specialists, for in-house recruitment teams and hiring managers.
Manage applications

Securely manage hundreds of applications with ease.

Facilitate candidate care

Build great rapport with your talent pool by delivering timely communication.

Manage the recruitment lifecycle

Manage your recruitment campaigns end to end, from recruitment advertising, to shortlisting and selection.

Tailored to your needs

Our technical specialists tailor your Candidate Management System to suit your recruitment needs.

Establish an end-to-end workflow

:Recruit can integrate with your existing systems and software, allowing you to choose your ideal tech-stack.

Find top talent

Shortlisting has never been easier. Use :Recruit to work collaboratively with your recruitment team, rate applications and find the best candidates faster.

Why choose us?

Recruitment matters

We understand recruitment is a key strategic priority and deserves its own seat at the business strategy table. As a team of recruitment die-hards, we live and love recruitment, and have developed our software and services over last 20 years to help you and your organisation achieve the best results.

Make your software suit you

Publish your recruitment advertisements on multiple job boards simultaneously.

Reach your goals sooner

We deliver 24/7 software support and account management to help you get the most out of your software. We also deliver strategic recruitment consulting and recruitment services to support you during peaks and troughs.

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Client Feedback

“We needed a user-friendly, straightforward system that our line managers could pick up easily, and Scout Talent systems are just that. Our industry peers highly recommended Scout Talent, and the team was able to tailor a solution based on our budget and requirements.

We value our partnership with Scout Talent. Our account managers are excellent and always accessible whenever we need support. We love that the system is fit for purpose and specifically designed for recruitment.

We definitely recommend Scout Talent. The feedback from candidates, our new hires and hiring managers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Marissa Tate, Human Resources Manager

Why choose :Recruit?

Recruiting the right people matters

Recruitment is critical to the success and growth of your organisation. Because your people are your competitive advantage, choose a Candidate Management System to help you achieve your recruitment goals sooner.

Seamless integrations

Our open platform software integrates with the existing tools in your organisation, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice functionality with a “one-size-fits-all” software solution.