Slashed time-to-hire


Additional revenue created in 6 months


Savings in hiring managers’ time

Qenos was facing some major recruitment challenges, largely due to the reactive nature of their process.

The Challenge

  1. Ineffective recruitment process led to delays and a lack of communication between hiring managers and candidates
  2. Consistently low number of advertisement views and applications across positions
  3. Lack of gender diversity in their applications and hires, raising questions about the Employer Brand and the effectiveness of their advertising strategy
  4. Ineffective use of recruitment technology and screening, resulting in an average time-to-hire of over 130 days
  5. Drawn-out recruitment processes frustrated hiring manager and resulted in time wastage
  6. Ineffective candidate care strategy which left unsuccessful candidates without communication
Qenos embarked upon a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partnership with Scout Talent, in order to deliver the following:

The Solutions

  1. Complete overhaul of the recruitment process to implement a ‘Best Practice’ process tailored to the organisation’s needs
  2. Consistent recruitment timeframes, communicated in advance with hiring managers; ensuring high levels of reliability and transparency throughout the process
  3. Excellently-executed candidate care strategy
  4. Education and full utilisation of the Scout Talent recruitment software suite to streamline processes
  1. Implementation of position-specific advertising strategies (including active and passive channels) with feminine-coded language to appeal to the best talent available for each vacancy
  2. Additional screening questions and recorded two-way video interviews to assist hiring managers in the shortlisting process
  3. Active engagement with the existing network of candidates in the Qenos talent pool to strengthen the organisation’s Employer Brand and reduce reliance on external advertising.

The Results

Since implementing these solutions to revolutionise Qenos’ recruitment process, Scout Talent has achieved the following:

  1. Time-to-hire reduced by 47 days (35%)
  2. Consistently higher volume of job seekers viewing each advertised vacancy
  3. 94% increase in quantity of applications and overall better quality of applicants
  4. A more engaged and active talent pool
  5. Reduced time investment required from hiring managers and other HR representatives
  6. A better candidate experience, with all candidates receiving appropriate candidate care.

As a result of critical positions being filled 35% faster, Qenos has generated an additional estimated $2.5m in revenue for the organisation in six months.

Client Feedback

“Our Scout Talent Recruitment Business Partner is easy to get along with and professional… The recruitment software products are easy to work with and the open sharing of application data and video interviews is very helpful! The ability in the system to recommend applicants to others in the organisation or request access to the results of a similar applicant pool makes the process much faster!”

Rosanna Hammond, General Manager for HR