Best practice recruitment process

Scout Talent :Recruit and :Onboard

Integration with payroll system and specialist support

With 63 stores and a corporate office, Barbeques Galore needed to implement consistent recruitment processes for governance, compliance and financial planning.

The Challenge

They were challenged by:

  1. Inconsistent recruitment process, workflows and approvals
  2. Inconsistent onboarding and payroll process
  3. Confusion from hiring managers
  4. Lack of financial oversight of recruitment, impacting budgeting and planning
  5. Lack of insight into candidate sources
  6. Inconsistent onboarding paperwork.

The Solution

Through a partnership with Barbeques Galore, Scout Talent delivered the following:

  1. Consistent, one-best-way recruitment practices
  2. Best-of-breed Candidate Management System (CMS), Scout Talent: Recruit, to move from paper-based recruitment to a technology solution
  3. A solution that integrates with payroll system
  4. Screening questions to assist hiring managers with shortlisting process
  5. Recruitment expertise and support from specialist and software development team
  6. Quarterly training and review sessions to gain insights into new developments and continue to maintain best practices.

The Results

Since implementing Scout Talent :Recruit and :Onboard, Barbeques Galore has achieved the following:

  1. Increased convenience for hiring managers
  2. New hires being paid correctly and on time
  3. Corporate office satisfaction from increased governance and oversight, with the ability to plan and budget effectively
  4. Peace of mind from stronger processes and the ability to store candidate data securely.

Client Feedback

“Previously, our processes were very inconsistent. We didn’t have procedures in place for our team members to request to recruit and the process for onboarding was very manual. We also didn’t have insight into how much we were spending on recruitment.

Scout Talent:Recruit gives us that control and workflow. Now, we’re able to make a stronger financial and business operations plan, and see where our candidates are coming from. We can manage contracts and compliance, and maintain control over onboarding procedures. The system integrates with our payroll system, and our team has more control over the process.

Scout Talent’s monthly review sessions are also really valuable; we learn about new developments and identify areas we can improve. We have multiple people in the Scout Talent team we can rely on to give us advice and share feedback with.”

Larna Rouillon, People & Culture Manager

“We receive great service from the Scout Talent team. If we ever have any issues, they are there to help. They provide us with the training we need to use our software to the best of its ability. Having that backup and support means that our processes run smoothly.”

Nicole Winterton, People & Culture Coordinator