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Customised onboarding features

Aspect is Australia's largest national service provider for people on the autism spectrum. Recruiting around 250 roles per year, and with a number of locations and employees working remotely, Aspect needed to implement a consistent, end-to-end recruitment process.

An inconvenient, paper-based recruitment process

It’s not easy recruiting for a range of roles and locations, with a number of team members working remotely. Not-for-profit organisation, Aspect were facing this challenge, and needed a way to distinguish their employer brand to gain a competitive edge of their talent competitors.

Aspect’s recruitment process lacked consistency and transparency. Hiring managers didn’t have visibility over candidate details, and they struggled with time-consuming screening processes. Without the right technology, it was difficult to schedule interviews and establish good candidate care practices.

On top of this, their onboarding process was paper-based and inconvenient for hiring managers and candidates alike. They spent excessive resources printing onboarding materials, including contracts and offer packs, and were vulnerable to risk of errors when sending offers.

Consistent, one-best-way recruitment practices

Aspect partnered with Scout Talent Employer Branding Specialists to undertake a comprehensive employer branding project to establish their Employee Value Proposition (EVPs) and authentic brand messaging.

With this strong foundation in place, Scout Talent developers designed attractive, branded communication templates, recruitment advertisements and a careers page, to bring their brand and EVPs to life.

They harnessed the power of the right Candidate Management System (CMS), Scout Talent: Recruit, to move from inconsistent recruitment to a technology solution, and gain visibility of candidate details. This drastically improved their ease and efficiency in scheduling interviews and communicating with candidates. Implementing screening questions assisted hiring managers with the shortlisting process.

Aspect also implemented Scout Talent: Onboard, reducing their reliance on paper. With support from our software development team, we tailored their onboarding software to meet their specific requirements.

A huge reduction in paper resources

The right brand messaging, design, expertise and recruitment technology has enabled Aspect to improve their candidate lifecycle and candidate care. By establishing an end-to-end recruitment process, from recruitment to onboarding, they have significantly reduced their time to hire. Their hiring managers have expressed increased satisfaction in the screening and onboarding process, and they particularly value the ability to use screening questions to save time reviewing applications.

Aspect’s new, digital onboarding process has significantly increased satisfaction and convenience for their new hires, who can now sign and return their contracts digitally. Their hiring managers have peace of mind from reduced errors and inconsistencies in offers and contracts. Not to mention, Aspect has dramatically reduced their reliance on paper resources during their onboarding process.

Client Feedback

“We needed a user-friendly, straightforward system that our line managers could pick up easily, and Scout Talent systems are just that. Our industry peers highly recommended Scout Talent, and the team was able to tailor a solution based on our budget and requirements.

We value our partnership with Scout Talent, as they were able to customise and tailor a solution based on our needs. Our account managers are excellent and always accessible whenever we need support. This has been so important to us, not only in the early stages, but as we continue to refine our recruitment and onboarding processes. We love that the system is fit for purpose and specifically designed for recruitment.

We would definitely recommend Scout. The feedback from candidates, our new hires and hiring managers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Marissa Tate, Human Resources Manager